Travel Guide to Ortley Beach

Ortley Beach vacation rental cottages,houses, oceanfront apts. survived Sandy and continue to rent summer-winter on the Jersey Shore.

Ortley Beach, NJ - cottages, vacation houses, and Oceanfront condos vacation rentals

Greetings from Ortley Beach, NJ!

Ortley Beach, New Jersey was hard hit by Hurricane Sandy but the town quickly picked itself up and got its summer vacation rentals going again. Swimming and surfing beaches are back.

Ocean front apt-condo rentals weathered the storm. Some vacation houses and cottages, renovated, are renting and others are being rebuilt. With each coming season, Ortley Beach vacation rentals will increase and be back - new and improved.

Perhaps not as well-known as its Jersey Shore neighbor, Lavallette, Ortley Beach has great deals for summer (and some winter off-season) vacation rentals at very affordable prices.

And nothing can change Ortley Beaches beautiful sunrise on the ocean or sunset over the bay. Ortley has a recreation area complete with a playground, tennis, basketball, wallboard courts. Vacation-rentals-by-owner benefit from all the nearby attractions like Seaside Heights and the beautiful Island State Beach Park.